Monday, 5 November 2012


Hello! Anybody there? No? Okay then...
I've decided to start a blog! I do expect it to be left unread and lonely but here goes nothing! I will try to love and nurture it as much as possible and see where it ends up...
I hope you enjoy and stick with me as I start to get to grips with everything!
Love Sasha xo


  1. good luck with your blog! first follower woop woop!<3

    1. aw thank you! haha, I hope you enjoy it! Should have a post up tomorrow :) xo

  2. Hi Sasha!
    I started my blog almost two years ago and only this week is it beginning to take off, really do have to stick at it! It's looking really sleek at the moment and it's only early days so don't worry.

    I have a blog, which is mainly about everyday things rather than on a specific but if you enjoy reading random things go ahead and look at mine!